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My books have been filled every weekend with wonderful clients. Most recently I had some returning customers; a couple whose baby boy I photographed six years ago. They named him Matteo and he happens to be the face, fingers, toes and mouth on the homepage. They decided that they wanted to hire me again for a family portrait and newborn session because they’ve had another baby! Mom and dad arrived with their grown two Kids and baby girl at my Surrey studio with quite a memorable story to tell.

This mother went through a quick and fairly easy delivery with their girl, all at home! The father was on the phone with the emergency line while he helped her deliver their newest baby. Thankfully this is her second child so she knew what she was doing and everyone is healthy and happy. Now they are a wonderful family of Five. At first the newborn girl was so fussy that none of us were sure if she would calm down. To all of our surprise, when the white noise came on and we began photographing her she fell fast asleep.

She even stayed asleep throughout the whole session. Her parents haven’t decided on a name yet, but I bet it will be a beautiful one for this sweet little lady.Before the session and after consulting with the parents they decided on some pink and white props, background and outfits. With fairly neutral tones and shades of those colors I was able to add in the stool, basket and other props to create a soft rustic style. Of course I love fur which I happily incorporated in both some wrapped and naked shots. Although I have to say, the family portrait is my favorite of all. It is extremely rare to photograph a family with a newborn where absolutely everyone is smiling! You just know that photo will be treasured forever. What a fantastic captured memory for this family to share with their loved ones.

If you’re expecting and looking for photos such as these in the Vancouver area, please see my contact info or check out my Instagram page @mynewbornbeauty. I would love to hear your baby stories and I can guarantee you will end up with photos just as full of joy as these ones here. Also here is an investment 

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  • Venera Djumanova

    Какая красивая фотосессия получилась! Столько разнообразных кадров у малышки!!! Ну однозначно Наташа профессионал своего дела!!!

    • admin

      спасибо мы все старались

    • Carla

      Beautiful Newborn Girl, all the photos are great, I liked the family all toghetee as well as the ones where baby is just sleeping and posing for the photo. Great quality and very professional.

  • Scott

    I wish I slept that well 😉 Great photos!

  • Yoli

    Surrey Newborn. What a good baby. What beautiful photos.

    • admin


  • Ben

    Congratulations J & G 🙂
    What a beautiful and happy family. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news!

    • admin

      In this year the best baby

  • Susan

    Such a great story to share! I really love the photos of the whole family as is captures the joy and celebration in welcoming their new family member.

    • admin

      i can’t believe, even the baby is smiling so beautiful

  • Lindsay

    She is so precious! I bet her big sister will be such a big help!

  • Leanne

    Beautiful family!

  • Alex

    Once again congratulations with new addition to the family!Definitely a cool story to tell when she’ll grow up! Great pictures,love the warmth of light.It will be hard task t

    o pick which one deserves the honour to be framed!❤

  • Trina Singer

    She’s adorable! Congrats again!

  • Amanda

    What fantastic photos! Beautiful family

  • Rosy

    Beautiful photos and gorgeous family photo #partyoffive 🎉 Quite the birth story as well 🙌🏼

  • Alain

    Absolutely gorgeous photos and an amazing story!

  • Heather

    Beautiful Family!!

  • Debra Fawcett

    Gorgeous pictures for an absolutely beautiful family! Congratulations G and J and family!! xo

  • Ирина

    Ето самая нежность! Такие фото просто вав! Ощущается что вы просто мега крутой профи и можете сделать красоту из закрытии глазами !!! Наташа вы просто чудо!!!! Хотела бы тоже фото своих малышей от вас 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • admin

      Спасибо большое за такие теплые слова, так приятно читать

      • Mike Fawcett

        Congratulations Gabriel and Jacqui, on the beautiful addition to your family. She certainly looks like a little angel who is loved and adored by all.

  • Анастасия

    Невероятно нежно и красиво🥰

  • Мария

    Как всегда идеально,все твои съемки просто с ума сойти от красоты можно😍

  • Alina

    So gorgeous! Love all your photos ! Really you’re the best photographer!

  • Anna

    Great photos! I don’t get to see my brother’s babies often because I live so far away so portraits like these help me treasure them as an Aunty should. Thank you!

  • Gaby

    So beautiful pictures!!

  • Maria

    Amazing! How beautiful. It’s an art!

  • Nadi

    if I ever will be pregnant, I will come to the shooting. These are very beautiful photos.

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  • Lana Oguz

    So beautiful and heartwarming pictures! The baby girl’s smile is amazing!

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