Baby Boy photo session 8 month old / Baby photography Surrey

I have never met a little boy with such a charismatic personality! This recently turned eight-month-old boy was a joy to have in my Surrey photo studio.

Sometime when you photograph babies older than a few months it can be challenging. Whether that is due to teething issues or any of the many things babies’ can be upset by. That was not the case in this particular session! He was accompanied by his big sister who just lost her front tooth! She wasn’t so sure about smiling at her picture because she was worried about what her smile would look like. But with her brother on her side she posed beautifully and we ended up with a wonderful photo with both of them.

What a beautiful memory to have of this brother-sister bond! I had many outfits planned for the little boy, can you guess what his favourite was? Well of course it would be his birthday suit! He loved being naked for the session so I decided to get him into the tub. I made a warm and nourishing milk bath for him to enjoy the last bit of his session in. This is what a happy baby session looks like! You can see the delight across his face throughout all the photos. I am so proud of the images we were able to capture and I can’t wait to do more like it!
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  • Navjot Saini

    So Adorable ❤

  • Simar Lamba

    Awesome pictures of little ones

    • admin

      Thank you so much

  • Gurlal Singh

    Splendid work worthy Gift with sweet Memories for the 8 month Baby Boy Garry photo session to Lamba Family .

  • Poonam

    You did fantastic job. What a cutie he is!!

    • admin

      thank you, he was fantastic baby

  • Ramandeep

    Garry’s pics are really really very cool.

  • BS Bal

    Wow …. excellent photography, it’s really difficult to click such Superb shots in this age kids

    • admin

      hi was such a joy to photograph

  • Inderjeet kaur

    Amazing the most charming, loveable, joyful and our most adorable kid in the family Prabkaran…… all pictures are outstanding….. love you bache ♥️😘😘😘😘

  • Kritika Gupta

    aww so innocent.. beautiful pics… Love his smile..😍

  • Sewa Singh

    Garry looks handsome.

    • admin

      Yes, totally agree, handsome little man.

  • Neeru Lamba

    Awesome photography by Natalya. She captured beautiful images of my cute Son. THANK YOU

    • admin

      He was the best boy ever. So many amazing pictures, love them all. You have such a beautiful family.

  • Maicky Augustin

    Well captured photos of Adorable Gary.Love it❤️👍❤️

  • Amandeep kaur

    Garry looks so cute. You clicked perfect pictures without any doubt. You captured his wondeful smile.Thank you

    • admin

      thank you

      • sandy

        So cute little handsome boy😍….god bless him….. alsoawesome photography

newborn baby girl in white hand made hat sleeping on the pillow