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If you are pregnant or have already given birth and are considering a newborn photoshoot, in this post.I’ll try to answer the most common questions.

How to choose the best photographer in your area? (Surrey, for example):

Choosing a newborn photographer could be challenging; here are a few suggestions

  • Check if the photographer has a website with real reviews – this is very important.
  • Look at how long the photographer has been in business because trust is based on experience.
  • Cost. A photographer with many years of experience will never be cheap.
  • Availability of a photo studio.
When you should schedule a newborn photo session?

I recommend starting to look for a photographer around the 26th week of pregnancy. Booking usually happens based on your expected due date. After all, when the baby is born, you’ll have to make some major adjustments to your life. Perhaps a newborn photographer won’t be the top of your todo list. But i do accept last-minute bookings, therefore don’t hesitate to give me a call.

What is the ideal age for a newborn photo session?

It’s a bit tricky. If this is your first baby and you’re still adjusting to the role of being a mom. I suggest scheduling when the baby is 10-20 days old. In these 10 days, you’ll likely have established breastfeeding and be more relaxed during the photoshoot. If this isn’t your first baby, you can consider scheduling from around 7 days old, but it still depends on how you feel.

At what age should you schedule a newborn photoshoot for premature babies or if I had a C-section?

As soon as the baby’s condition stabilizes, you can schedule the newborn photo session. In the case of a C-section, i suggest booking your session when you’ve recovered and aren’t experiencing any pain. It’s best if you bring your partner or any relatives along with you for the newborn session.

How much will you pay for a newborn session in a newborn photography studio in Surrey?

Newborn photo session cost depends on the pakege you will choos. The price  starts at $330 .  And goes up, depending on how many pictures you want and how many family members will join the session

I have a wonderful newborn natural light photography studio in Surrey, ideal  for newborn session. Additionally, I welcome clients from nearby cities such as Richmond, Vancouver, and New Westminster. Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know!

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