Hello, my name is Natalya

When I was nineteen-years-old I was shown some portraits done by a friend of mine. In that moment I was so captivated by the images that I knew it was something I wanted to try.

Photography became a hobby but with a bit of patience and “elbow grease” I turned it into a full time job. While still living in Russia I became a well known wedding photographer who was creating a name for herself. 

Over a decade ago my adventurous nature brought me to Canada where I reside to this day.
I began building my business all over again while also building a family. As a mother I was able to practice and master my craft while also getting to spend my time raising my daughters.
They made the best little models and as I was able to work from home to perfect my craft I was also able to be there for all the monumental moments in their lives.

Many of my earliest work after deciding to focus solely on newborn photography is of my daughters and they are still hanging around my house.
Photography has been the best career by helping me support my family while also giving us many incredible experiences. 

Although my children and photography are the two biggest things in my life I make sure to include plenty of things for myself. Aside from my work and home life I spend my personal time tending to my aquarium, my garden, my home renovations and my guitar.