Seven weeks old baby girl / session in Surrey

We have officially entered the last month of 2020! This year has been a defining one for many of us, full of ups and downs and uncertainty.

I am very thankful that my family and I have stayed safe through this time and I hope yours have too! I’m sure we all share the same opinion when I say “I’m looking forward to 2021!”

This week I was joined in my Surrey studio by this beautiful Sikh couple. They brought in their seven weeks old daughter for a baby session. Most of the time I will photograph using neutral colours but I am always excited when the family asks for vibrancy! We chose to start off with some pink, plum and mulberry fabrics for the shots with just the baby. I love how the colours compliment her skin tone and made her features really stand out. She was so smiley and full of expressions almost as if she was saying “oh yeah, I’m so cute!”

The shots with mom and her baby were some of my favourites. You can’t help but be drawn in by their warm eyes in the black and white photo. The full colour photos really capture how gorgeous mom is, and you know she’s passed those genes down to her baby! Finally, the best picture, the family portrait. This is the photo that really captures your heart. You can feel the love through the photo with the way mom and dad are looking at their baby.

I know that this photo will be cherished and shared amongst family forever. If you’re looking into a session with me make sure to request a family photo, you won’t regret it!

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