Affordable  newborn photo session in Richmond

Affordable  newborn photo shoot in Richmond.

Every parent wants to take a picture of their newborn baby in the very first days of life, looks for references on the Internet, buys clothes, many even go further, and spend money to purchase special props for shooting.

Believe me, after the birth, the newborn session will be at the end of your to do list.  Fatigue, lack of sleep, and in the blink of the eye your newborn  is not a newborn anymore but a one or  three month old baby, time is gone. Photographing newborns can’t be cheap – it’s a lot of work, specific skills and parents just can’t master it all, so it’s totally worth it  to invite a professional photographer.

Only a professional photographer will be able to guarantee  you the result.  If you live in Richmond, you have a great opportunity to book really  affordable  mini photo shoot of  your newborn in My Newborn Beauty studio. The cost of a mini session is only 330$

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