Adorable newborn baby Girl / newborn photo studio in Surrey

You can ask anyone in the newborn photography world and they will tell you what the most important part of the industry really is. It’s not just the schools you go to, the camera you buy, or the software you use.In newborn photography the most important thing is the parents and their baby.

It is essential when handling someone else’s child that they not only trust you, but like you too! That’s why I believe in trying my best to connect both with parents and their babies so that every session is a good experience.

Three years ago I photographed in my studio in Surrey a baby boy named Jayden who was a perfect baby model! He did not cry or wake up during the entirety of the session and we ended up getting some excellent shots.

This session went so well that his mother requested me again when they had their baby girl named Jill recently. She was born in Vancouver B.C. women’s hospital six weeks premature but thankfully she is a strong and healthy baby. Since she was born early her mom didn’t know if she’d be able to make it in for a session, but we made it work!

Just like her big brother she was quiet and calm, letting us move her and adjust poses with ease. I focused solely on the session with Jill, while the mom was able to sit comfortably in my waiting room with her son Jayden. Remember this: When the mom is content and calm, the baby is content and calm and vice versa!

I will share her beautiful albut a bit later.

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