Vancouver family photo session

I met Nastya a long time ago, if I am not mistaken it would have been 2013. She is the type of woman who is constantly smiling and incredibly kind.
Her warmth is felt by each and every person she meets. Since my work goes hand in hand with travelling, I had the joy of visiting her once a year in her hometown of Yekaterinburg. We enjoyed soulful talks, walks, shopping and relaxing in each others company.

She once asked if I could photograph her family but due to a frantic schedule I was unable to give a clear answer. A few years passed but her request still hung in the air. Finally in 2018 I made a stop in Yekaterinburg and the stars aligned.
The entire day was filled with so much happiness. Thank you, my dear, for letting me express my creativity so freely. Take care of yourself and enjoy these treasurable photos. 

If you are based in Vancouver and looking to do a similar shoot, I’m sure we can find a location just as beautiful.

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