Under one month newborn baby session

So you have chosen your photographer, Natalya Ignatova, you paid your deposit and now you’re going to prepare for your session? Although it may seem like it’s going to be a big hassle, I can guarantee you that it is actually pretty easy. Here is a quick guide on what to do and what to bring with you to your newborn photoshoot at the home studio of My Newborn Beauty;

1 day before your session…
Pack a bag containing the following items; Soothers, even if your baby isn’t taking a soother, the soother is just a means for the photographer to calm the baby quickly without having to offer food. Extra bottles that are full, in case the baby needs more food during the session. Diapers and wipes, although newborn photographers usually have some in their studio they can’t guarantee the size will be correct for your baby. Gripe water or oval drops for gassy or colic babies. Receiving blankets, in case of any spit up or other messes during the session.

1 hour before your session…
The studio is located in Surrey, BC, Canada, so make sure you give yourself enough time to drive there and get settled. We suggest showing up at the studio 10-15 minutes early in case the baby has any needs to be met. 

Newborn photographers ask that you dress your baby in a SIMPLE, ZIP UP onesie that is easily removable. Avoid hats as well, because they can leave indents on the face that may show up in photos. Keep them wide awake for at least an hour before the session because our goal is to have the baby asleep from the time they arrive at the studio to when they leave the studio. 

Your baby should be full! Make sure they have been fed before you arrive to your session so we don’t have to spend time feeding before getting started. The photographer will top them up during the session if they happen to get hungry again. 

During your session… You will hand your baby over to your photographer and that is when you get to relax! You can lounge on the sofa, watch TV, drink some coffee/tea, or peek in the studio to see the progress of the session. If you’re familiar with Vancouver, then you’ll know it rains a lot, and that makes the perfect weather to have a nap in our cozy waiting room if you so choose. 

After your session…

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