Two days newborn photography workshops

Israel 21-22 October  Moshav Yashresh (neare hwy 431 and hwy 6) 
Perth (Australia) 28-29 September

TUITION | The cost of the two day workshop is $1000.00 USD

Tuition is non-refundable. There is a limited seating of 10-12 students per workshop session. The two-day class begins at 10:00 am ending at 5:00 pm. Studio address will be posted.  

During the workshop all the following topics will be covered:

  • Organizing / preparing your work space.
  • Use of natural and studio light (technique of proper lighting,  how to find the perfect light in any situation).
  • Backdrops and accessories (hats, wraps), how to make the best choice.
  • Achieving a “hazy” look in the photos, working with JPEG and RAW files. What the best one to work with.
  • Advanced camera settings, all you need to know to get the best result. Custom WB (Kelvin).
  • A step-by-step breakdown of a newborn session will be shown. Composition why it is important. Transition from pose to pose, without disturbing. How to photograph unsettle babies. Awake shoots. Must have shoots /family images/. How to capture emotional connections between parents and the baby.
  • How to create the best environment for your clients and the baby, no matter where is the session will be held.  
  • Learn how to achieve many angles out of each setup (this will help to provide beautiful gallery for your clients).
  • Photographing babies, every participant will  have time to take a photo of each pose /set up/ remember babies are unpractical.
  • Feedback.Please, bring 3 photos (20×30) printed.
  • Editing in Lightroom and Photoshop. Please, note that you need to have basic knowledge of these programs to be able to fully understand the new material.
  • Benefits of having a website.
  • Offering a private online gallery. When is it necessary? Natalya explains why she no longer offers one.
  • What to do to make your clients want to come back.
  • How to up the prices in the right way.
  • How to answer telephone calls and emails, how to catch the attention.
  • Why it is important to meet with a client before a session.
  • Why it is important to have all your product ( you offer) samples in your studio.
  • How to promote your business on a low budget, networking.
  • Model releases, why we need them.
  • Free sessions, how to get the maximum benefit of them.
  • How to deal with cultural beliefs and stereotypes in newborn photography. 


After a full payment is sent, you will get access (a password) to a unique section on my website. You will find some useful materials there:

  • Step-by-step tutorials on photo edition
  • Minimum set for a shooting session
  • “Behind the scenes” complete series of one photo showing each step of the process
  • Model release samples, a posing guide, tips for parents available for download.
  • Tips and tricks on posing order, on changing poses easily and creating a variety of beautiful photos with minimum of props
  • A workbook. It has 54 pages of structured information featuring detailed instructions (text descriptions and a schema) for each of the basic poses + blank pages you can use to take notes during the workshop (not for all the workshops)
  • Instant access from your tablet to the photos taken by Natalya during the workshop session. This one plus the workbook will help you get the maximum benefit from the workshop.



  • Full frame camera, 50 or 35mm lenses
  • If you have a crop camera, it is recommended that you use a lense with focal length of 35 mm or less. You will have trouble shooting with a 50mm lense
  • 85 mm lense will not work for this kind of shooting
  • Having a camera strap is absolutely required
  • If you do not have a proper lense, you can take the one that you normally use. Keep in mind that in this case the effects in the photo will be different (lense F2.8 are too dark)
  • Natalya herself prefers Nikon 4DS with lenses 50mm f1,4 ; 100 mm  f2,8 ; 35mm f1,4.

During the workshop the participants are allowed

  • Take photos during the workshop
  • Make audio recordings
  • To record the video on their own mobile devices, smartphones. Professional video recording is not allowed ( including using professional equipment, camera tripods or inviting a professional videographer)


  • Bring some clothes to change in the studio. It is going to be warm in there.
  • There will be a short coffee break during the workshop. If you are on a specific diet or cannot miss a meal, please feel free to bring your food.
  • If you are going by car, please think about a parking place. You may need to call to the studio and make sure street parking is available.
  • Please, plan your time and keep track of traffic jams. Try not to be late for the workshop. The workshop starts and ends on time no matter what.


Registration form

First and Last name

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Phone number


Street, house number

zip code

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Are you planing to do your own workshops?

Moshav Yashresh (Israel)
Perth (Australia)

Deposit 100 $ has to be made in order to secure the spot.


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